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Training Tip – Reliable Recall

How do you train a puppy to come when you call, i.e., a reliable recall? Well for one, you start by calling the puppy to you thousands of times over the first year of its life. You reinforce with a food reward 90% of the time or more. You never call the puppy to you for anything unpleasant, like a bath or a nail trim. You never call the puppy [...]

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CanVelo - "Yes We Can!" In 2006, a group of dedicated volunteers—led by Brigadier General (ret) Moti Regev—founded CanVelo— a sports club teaming blind and sighted participants. In Hebrew, the name translates to “Yes and No” and refers to the integration of those who can and cannot see.CanVelo’s motto “Yes We Can!” sums up what we’re all about. We engage blind participants in team sports to promote social engagement [...]

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Aliyah Puppy Brigade

Meet Paige and Petra, the first recruits of the new Aliyah Puppy Brigade. Born in Florida and donated to IGDC by Southeastern Guide Dogs, Paige and Petra are being puppy-raised by two American families – one in New York City and the other in Richmond, Virginia. Being the first brave pups in the new Brigade, these two are on a mission over the next year to learn basic obedience and lots [...]

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March of the Living

(From left – right) Bracha Ben Avraham & Dinka, Lili Goldwein & Zita, Chief of the IDF General Staff, Lt. General Gadi Eizenkot, Dror Carmeli & Lynn, Hiyertin Demirkol & Lola, Elad Weizman, Uri Basha & Triton, Achiya Klein & Night For the past few years six of our clients have lead the March of the Living in Poland, to commemorate Holocaust Remembrance Day. The [...]

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Volunteer Puppy Raisers

Our puppy raisers are the best! These dedicated volunteers agree to take a puppy into their lives to socialize it, and teach important lessons of obedience – but all of it done with positive reinforcement and lots of love!  Our puppy raisers also take amazing photographs which we share on social media. Most of our puppy raisers are University students who live on campus. Keep in mind, that most college students [...]

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