In the last 30 years, the Israel Guide Dog Center has partnered 1,300 dogs with Israelis in need–all at no cost. We can only achieve this thanks to the support of people like you.

Your donation helps us continue our mission to breed, raise, train, and place dogs with people in need.

guide dog puppy

Sponsor a Guide Dog Partnership

Creating a “Partnership” between a visually impaired person and a guide dog costs approximately $32,000 (excluding overhead). Since we provide this service at no cost to our clients, we depend on people with “vision” to enable these miracles.

Click here to see the Budget for a Guide Dog Partnership.

Your gift of $32,000 will remove a person from our waiting list and provide them the life-changing friend, companion and partner that they have been waiting for.

Sponsor a PTSD Service Dog

Not all our dogs progress to Guide Dog training. The next level of service is our PTSD program for soldiers suffering from service-related Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. These incredible dogs are trained to recognize when their partner is having a panic attack or a nightmare. The dogs are then able to provide comfort and distractions. Each team costs $18,000 to create.

Click here to see the budget for a PTSD Service Dog.

Sponsor an Emotional Support Dog

If not selected for guide dog training or PTSD service, these amazingly docile dogs still serve a purpose as companions to Israelis with special needs. Most of them will “change careers” and will be placed in homes of children on the autism spectrum. The cost for each Emotional Support dog team is $10,000.

Click here to see the budget for an Emotional Support Dog.

Support a Puppy

Supporting a puppy’s first year of life costs $1,000 and covers food and vaccinations.

Many students choose to support puppies for their Bar/Bat Mitzvah Project, and some Hebrew school classes select the Israel Guide Dog Center as the recipient of funds collected for tzedakah. This provides students with a wonderful opportunity to connect with a program in Israel that helps people and utilizes man’s best friend to create amazing partnerships. Please note that we gratefully accept all donations!

For more information about Mitzvah Projects, click here.