What is an Aliyah Puppy?

In Hebrew, Aliyah means to “go up,” but more commonly it refers to Jews moving to Israel. Our Aliyah Puppies are born at US reputable Guide Dog or Service Dog organizations, and then spend their first year in the United States being raised and trained by qualified puppy raisers. During this time the puppies learn basic command and socialization. When they are around 12-14 months old, the puppies “make Aliyah” and move to Isreal to continue their training.

Why Have an Aliyah Puppy Program?

Genetics play a crucial role in the Israel Guide Dog Center’s succes in producting dogs that possess the necessary genetic traits for success in their roles as loyal and reliable partners for our clients. Specifically, genetics influence our dogs’ health, temperament, behavior. trainability, sensory abilities, and stamina. As Israel is a small country, and the Center is the only internationally accredited guide dog school in the entire Middle East, we must secure puppies with strong genetics from other reputable Guide Dog or Service Dog organizations.

Since puppies born in the United States are unable to leave the country and travel to Israel until they are 6 months old, the Aliyah Puppy Program provides these puppies with training and socialization that can help them become great Guide Dogs in the future.

Our Puppies’ Mission

  • Prepare for a life of service in Israel by learning basic obedience, Hebrew commands, and how to navigate the busy world

  • Travel the US as 4-legged ambassadors for the Israel Guide Dog Center and Israel

  • Make Aliyah to Israel and transform lives

Current Aliyah Puppies

Previous Aliyah Puppies