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Some of the dogs we breed will not be selected for advanced Guide Dog training. These amazing animals will “Change Careers” and become loving companions to other people in need. The demand for Emotional Support Dogs is growing faster than we imagined. This program is a great way to repurpose an important and valuable resource.

young boy with a support dog

Career-Change Dogs

During evaluations, we find approximately half the dogs we breed do not meet the rigorous standards required to become Guide Dogs. But these amazingly well trained, loving animals still fill a vital role. So these dogs “change careers” and are provided as supportive companions to children and adults with special needs. Having service dogs in Israel is relatively new, and we are one of the few organizations providing this service.

Who We Help

There are many vulnerable people in Israel, and we are one of the few organizations providing Emotional Support Dogs in Israel to meet this need. Children on the autism spectrum, children who are blind, IDF soldiers with PTSD and other adults with Special Needs can all benefit from a loving relationship with a four-legged best friend.

How Emotional Support Dogs Help

Emotional Support Dogs bring many benefits to those with special needs. They provide support and unconditional love and companionship 24/7, they encourage social interaction and help break down walls of isolation, and promote mental and physical health.

The Right Dog for the Right Client

Once one of our Professional Mobility Instructors determines an Emotional Support Dog (in Israel we call them “Buddy Dogs”) is appropriate for a family or individual, the client is matched with one of our “career change” dogs. The family or individual then assumes responsibility for the care of the dog. Unlike guide dogs, there is no suggested retirement age.

Sponsor an Emotional Support Dog

The cost to Sponsor an Emotional Support Dog is $10,000. If you would like to change the life of a person with Special Needs or if you are just looking for a terrific Israeli charity,