In these challenging times, the Israel Guide Dog Center continues to provide support to those in need by…

IGDC Dogs provide support

Sustaining the Mission

The campus is full with dogs and puppies. Staff continue to check in on clients to provide needed support. The puppy-raisers are receiving personalized guidance, connections to local veterinarians who can dispense immunizations, and access to food vouchers.

Puppy Love Encounters

The incredible volunteer puppy raisers and staff have been taking every opportunity to connect our dogs with people in need by visiting hostels, hotels, and hospitals. These dogs’ wagging tails are raising morale, providing comfort, and bringing joy to children, wounded, and evacuees.

Girl hugging dog

Supporting Our Israeli Community

The Center is committed to helping 2-legged and 4-legged Israelis in need by saving abandoned dogs and donating dog equipment and supplies. Some training vans have been used to help in these rescues and donation efforts.

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