Raise a Puppy

For our friends who live in Israel:

We breed, raise and train the dogs in Beit Oved – just south of Tel Aviv – so they learn Hebrew commands and get accustomed to Israel’s unique environment. If you live in Israel and want to become a puppy raiser, please contact us at info@igdcb.org or call 08-940-8213.

For our International friends:

Our organizations in America, Canada and the UK do “friend-raising” to support our program. Many students adopt us as their Mitzvah Project, and some Hebrew schools send us money they raise from tzedakah collections. It takes $1,000 to cover food and medical expenses for a puppy in the first year of life.

Our puppy raisers live in various areas throughout Israel and are responsible for teaching the puppies to respond to Hebrew commands and to learn a new lesson every month, for example, the puppies always walk on the left- on a short leash, they never jump on the furniture and they only take food from their handler. Another important lesson is being able to train the puppy to relieve itself on command! The puppy raiser will be responsible for caring for and loving the puppy for approximately 10-12 months, before returning the puppy to the Center for evaluation.

If you live outside Israel and can’t raise a puppy yourself, you can still take part by supporting us in other ways. We will gladly send you a package of information, along with a video that explains what we do to help people in Israel who are visually impaired.

Puppy sucking finger
Puppy Rocky in obstacle course

Volunteer to Work at the Center

Volunteers fill many important roles at our Center – and most are Israeli citizens. Yet, over the years, students from abroad have also joined us as volunteers at the Center in Israel, working on a variety of tasks.

While we greatly appreciate your help, there are challenges in working with volunteers – especially since our staff have very limited time to train and supervise people, find a place in the schedule, and find replacements when they leave.

Considering volunteering?

You need to be at least 17-years-old and commit to a minimum of a two month stay (more if possible). As we cannot provide housing or transportation, the ideal situation is for you to have family or friends who live near the Center.

While the logistics of volunteering with us in Israel are challenging, they are far from impossible – and the work is highly rewarding. If you are up to the challenge and would ike more information, please contact our volunteer coordinator, Gal-Li Danon at gal@igdcb.org

Woman and puppy
3 people holding 10 puppies