Meet Paige and Petra, the first recruits of the new Aliyah Puppy Brigade.

Born in Florida and donated to IGDC by Southeastern Guide Dogs, Paige and Petra are being puppy-raised by two American families – one in New York City and the other in Richmond, Virginia.

Being the first brave pups in the new Brigade, these two are on a mission over the next year to learn basic obedience and lots and lots of socialization. Working with their human families, Paige and Petra will explore their respective environments. Crowded city streets, parks and country roads. Buses, trains, cars and airplanes. Elevators, stairs, escalators. Day and night. Summer and winter. All in preparation for their Aliyah trip to Beit Oved and six months of their “professional” training to become guide dogs for their visually impaired and blind partners in Israel.

Follow our Progress! Watch as we grow and learn.

2 puppies being transported
Couple holding a puppy
3 people holding a puppy
Aliyah Puppy