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About Our History

Do you have programs that allow students to get involved?

Many students select us for their Bar/Bat Mitzvah Project, or Classroom Tzedakah Project. This is a great way for them to feel connected to a charity in Israel to help provide a Guide Dog for someone who is visually impaired, a Service Dog for an IDF soldier who has experienced service-related trauma, an Emotional Support dog for a child on the autism spectrum, or provide a four-legged best friend for disabled [...]

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Why is it important to have a school in Israel?

Prior to opening our center, visually impaired Israelis had to be proficient in English, pass a government test, and travel to either the US or the UK for a dog—that was trained in English and not accustomed to the heat or the unique conditions in Israel. Essential follow up care by staff was not possible, so having highly trained instructors just a couple of hours away is critical.

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