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What is the application process?

After we receive an inquiry, one of our Mobility Instructors will visit an applicant in their home to evaluate their circumstances and to make sure that the environment is appropriate for a Guide Dog. We also provide a three-day orientation course at our center for people who are not sure that having a Guide Dog is the right step for them.

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Who is eligible to receive a Guide Dog?

Applicants must be Israeli citizens, at least 16 years old, legally blind, physically and emotionally capable of caring for a dog, and must be able to provide a safe and loving environment. All applicants are interviewed and screened to determine whether a guide dog will provide the best solution for mobility. Since we have a long waiting list, we won’t provide a Guide Dog to simply be a companion.

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How is the organization supported?

Through donations by individuals, foundations, organizations, synagogues and bequests in the UK, Canada, Israel and the United States. In addition, there are many Bar and Bat Mitzvah students who raise funds to sponsor puppies as their Mitzvah Project. Approximately 8% of the annual operating budget is paid by the Israel Ministries of Defense and Welfare.

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What does it cost to produce a Guide Dog?

From breeding to training—including the cost to train the visually impaired partner—we estimate the cost of a Partnership to be USD $32,000. This does not include the other overhead costs involved with running the center. When overhead is factored in, the cost is closer to $43,000 each. Keep in mind that a guide dog works every day, 365 days a year for approximately eight years. This is a life-changing gift to [...]

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How do I become a guide dog instructor?

Guide Dog Schools usually train their own Guide Dog Instructors. As an aspiring instructor you would need to seek an apprenticeship at the school of your choice. Once accepted you can expect the apprenticeship to last for a period of at least three years before being fully qualified. During that time you will learn aspects of dog care and guide dog training, mobility and orientation, as well as working directly with [...]

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What types of follow-up services are available when a graduate returns home?

Our instructors are always available to address any questions our clients may have about training or care of their Guide Dog. Our trainers also conduct follow-up interviews by phone with clients who have just completed their four-week instruction, and will follow up with regular home visits. Follow-up is an essential part of our program as we provide a lifetime commitment to all of our graduates.

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