Hi Friends! It’s been a wild two weeks in my new home. Look how much I have already grown! Check out my ears – they’re standing tall all on their own now. Pretty impressive, right? Between sniffing every nook and cranny and investigating every corner, I’ve been on a non-stop exploration spree.

My puppy raiser – my coach, teacher, travel agent, pooper scooper, and two legged friend – has been showing me the ropes of city life. He has been introducing me to so many new people and I already had a playdate with a dog that looks just like me! She is a guide dog and I hope one day to be just like her. Speaking of friends, I even had a virtual meetup with some pals in Israel through this thing called Zoom. How cool is that? I love making new friends.

Even with all this excitement, I’ve been putting in the hard work on potty training and crate training. But amidst the learning and growing, I always find time for a good scratch behind the ears and some friendly licks. Here’s to more adventures, more friends, and more tail-wagging fun ahead!

🐾 Peggy