Support | Host A Parlor Meeting

Host a “Friend-raising parlor meeting.” Many of our supporters invite their friends and other influential people in their community to an informal gathering in their home to help raise awareness about the work we do. Our Executive Director will gladly attend the meetings and make a presentation if there is a potential to raise funds to at least cover the cost of travel. For larger gatherings, it may even be possible to arrange for one of our clients to come from Israel to attend.

We also welcome the opportunity to address:

  • Service organizations (Hadassah, ORT, Rotary, etc)
  • Men’s Club or Sisterhood meetings
  • Study Groups
  • University programs on Diversity and Inclusion
    Disability studies

If in-person presentations are not economically possible, remote video presentations can be easily arranged.

Of course we will assist you with invitations and other program materials, including a short video that can be shown as part of the presentation. If you are interested in hosting a parlor meeting, please contact us.