I’m so excited to share about my big adventure this week. I went to my first meeting as an Israel Guide Dog Center Ambassador! I met some super nice New Yorkers at the 92NY.

To start our adventure, I met the security guards out front. When they saw I’m a German Shepherd, they offered me a job on the spot! Thanks, but no thanks – I already have an important job to do! Then I met some really nice people who work for the 92NY and helped arrange my visit.

Then it was time for our presentation. My friends talked about the Center in Israel, how they have been affected by Oct 7th, and answered a bunch of questions the attendees asked. I have to admit that I slept through a lot of that, but then it was my time to shine! I got to show everyone the three-and-a-half commands, in Hebrew, that I already know – and I’m only 12 weeks old! My puppy raiser says I’m super smart and doing a great job. But the absolute best part of the day came when I got petted by a bunch of the really nice people from 92NY! My tail was so tired from a long day of wagging.

I can’t wait to meet more new friends. I’m gonna like this visiting thing!

🐾 Peggy